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Heat Pumps

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Heat pumps

Ground Source & Air Source Heat Pumps offer homes an opportunity to get up to 400% efficiency (four units of energy produced for every one used) out of their water or space heating systems.

These systems have been on the market for some time and are suitable for use in homes or commercial buildings and can even provide a property’s entire heating and hot water needs.

Ground Source. The most efficient heat pump available is the ground source type. This draws a low but steady heat from the ground with collector coils full of fluid, which is then converted through the heat pump and a refrigerant cycle into usable hot water. The high efficiency of these heat pumps comes at the added cost of having to lay collector coils into trenches or bore holes in the ground.

Air Source. A more practical solution for most buildings in the UK, particularly in towns or cities, is the air source heat pump. There are two main types: Air/Water Systems & Air/Air systems.

The first of these draws the required heat through a collector in the outside air. This air is drawn over a heat exchanger with refrigerant which then converts the energy into usable hot water.

Air/Air systems simply work like an air conditioning unit in reverse and blow warmed air into a property.

Heat Pumps Work throughout the year, including the coldest winters.

Of course, as the outside temperature drops so too does their efficiency. However, if coupled with a low heat delivery system- like underfloor heating- they can provide the central heating needs of a property even through the winter.

Owl Energy Monitor

Blue Sky Building Solutions provide expert surveys for individual systems or whole buildings to ensure that any system is appropriate for a property and, if so, correctly specified and sited.

If required, as qualified installers, Blue Sky Building Solutions will see any project through from the initial enquiry, survey, design and installation to commissioning.

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