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Solar energy

Blue Sky Building Solutions: for people who want a more energy efficient property but don’t know where to start

Solar energy can be harnessed and put to use in two main ways. Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic.

Solar Thermal Panels - Used for heating water from the radiated energy of the sun’s rays. This is achieved by using solar panels, either flat plate or evacuated tube, which heat fluid passing through them. This hot fluid exchanges its heat energy in a water cylinder or heat store. This water can be used either to supplement central heating or provide hot water for the taps. These systems are widely available and are relatively inexpensive and work all year round.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels - Solar PV is a micro generation system that produces electricity directly from the sun’s radiation.

Flat plate solar collector panels are connected in series to produce an electric current that can either be stored in batteries or fed back into the mains.

Effective in the UK? There are misconceptions that solar panels do not provide enough energy to be viable in the UK. This is incorrect.

A properly sited system set at the right elevation and orientation, correctly installed is extremely effective in the British climate. These systems do not need direct sunlight and can effectively operate on the diffuse radiation of cloud covered sun.

New Government Feed In Tariffs to be launched. Make money from your property.

The government is set to launch its feed in tariffs for electricity producing microgeneration systems. Solar PV systems will receive 41.5 pence per KWh produced. This, along with an additional income from selling what you don't use back to the energy companies, means that a properly sited and installed system will earn 10% annual returns for 25 years, guaranteed.

As expert Solar Panel Installers serving Berkhamsted and the rest of Hertfordshire, Blue Sky Builds will carry out an assessment of the feasibility of installing a solar power system for your home, and guide you through the process of designing, specifying and installing a Solar PV panel system or Solar Thermal system best suited to your needs.

Contact us to find out more or watch our News Page for the latest update.

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Blue Sky Building Solutions provide expert surveys for individual systems or whole buildings to ensure that any system is appropriate for a property and, if so, correctly specified and sited.

If required, as qualified installers, Blue Sky Building Solutions will see any project through from the initial enquiry, survey, design and installation to commissioning.

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