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Property surveys

Blue Sky Building Solutions: for people who want a more energy efficient property but don’t know where to start

Property Survey Service. Blue Sky Building Solutions can conduct a unique full property energy survey to establish the orientation, energy usage, water usage and current insulation levels of a property fabric.

The property owners’ patterns of demand, aims and objectives are also examined. This information allows our experts to establish which measures are appropriate to reduce the property’s carbon foot print, water consumption and energy usage.

Blue Sky Building Solutions go further by establishing what renewable or micro-generation systems are appropriate to the property. The financial costs, energy savings, local and national grant schemes, and pay back periods are all considered in order that property owners can make an informed decision on how best to improve their buildings.

Each of the following areas are covered or can be requested as separate surveys.

Insulation. Blue Sky Building Solutions’ surveyors examine the thermal qualities of a building’s fabric. They measure current levels of insulation and establish what types may benefit the property and where. The costs and potential savings of taking these measures are given. Blue Sky Building Solutions engineers install most types of insulation.

Solar. Blue Sky Building Solutions’ surveyors measure a property’s orientation, roof elevation, shading, present central heating and electrics to establish what type of systems are suitable and what yield and heat out puts would be achievable. Blue Sky Building Solutions engineers install most types of solar technology.

Heat Pumps. Blue Sky Building Solutions’ surveyors look at a property’s site, heat and hot water demands. They establish if either air source or ground source heat pumps would be practical solutions to providing a property’s heating and hot water. Blue Sky Building Solutions engineers install most types of heat pump technology.

Water. Blue Sky Building Solutions’ surveyors examine a property’s water consumption, heating and delivery systems. Our experts highlight where savings can be made in both water heating energy and over all water usage. Simple measures will be recommended and where appropriate or required, recycling or harvesting systems can be specified and installed. Blue Sky Building Solutions’ engineers can install low flow tap or shower heads, toilet cisterns as well as make any necessary alterations to central heating and hot water systems.

Wind. Blue Sky Building Solutions’ surveyors can establish if a wind turbine would be a suitable micro-generation system for a property. Advice can be given to ensure that the right turbine is specified, sized and sited to maximise yield.

Solid Fuel. Blue Sky Building Solutions can establish if solid fuel stoves or boiler systems are appropriate and give advice on which would be best suited to a property.

Energy Performance Certificates. Blue Sky Building Solutions’ engineers are qualified Domestic Energy Assessors. The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) rating of the property is the primary building block of Blue Sky Building Solutions Property Energy Surveys. This gives the basic information on a property’s energy use and carbon footprint and is a very useful tool in establishing the generic measures that can be taken to reduce these. EPCs can be purchased separately or provided as part of a full Property Energy Survey.

Owl Energy Monitor

Blue Sky Building Solutions provide expert surveys for individual systems or whole buildings to ensure that any system is appropriate for a property and, if so, correctly specified and sited.

If required, as qualified installers, Blue Sky Building Solutions will see any project through from the initial enquiry, survey, design and installation to commissioning.

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