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Wind energy

Blue Sky Building Solutions: for people who want a more energy efficient property but don’t know where to start

Wind Power is widely used throughout the UK to generate electricity, and the UK is committed to further developing national wind farms. Wind turbines are also suitable for on site Microgeneration for some properties.

Stand alone turbines work to generate power that can either be kept and used on site- stored in batteries- or fed directly into the main national grid.

The right sized turbine, sited correctly, can produce a property’s entire electricity needs and even create an income, by selling surplus back to the national energy suppliers.

The government is planning to introduce Feed In Tariffs in April 2010, that will pay above the value per unit of energy produced, to encourage micro generation of this sort. This will mean that a system can actually create an additional income for the property.

Many turbines will require planning permission.

Blue Sky Building Solutions provide expert surveys for individual systems or whole buildings to ensure that any system is appropriate for a property and, if so, correctly specified and sited.

If required, as qualified installers, Blue Sky Building Solutions will see any project through from the initial enquiry, survey, design and installation to commissioning.

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