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Blue Sky Building Solutions: for people who want a more energy efficient property but don’t know where to start

Water Usage & Rain Water Harvesting. Reducing water consumption reduces the carbon footprint of buildings.

This is not necessarily the first or most obvious way that owners consider but it is an essential part of the strategy to reduce carbon emissions.

The Code For Sustainable Homes is stepping up to Level 3 this April and amendments are regularly made to Part G of the Building Regulations. These require homes and commercial properties to reduce water consumption.

By 2016 it will be necessary for all new properties to have either a water recycling plant or rain water harvesting system at Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes - Click Here

Water Meters. Another incentive to reduce water usage will be the mandate for water meters to be installed in all properties by the year 2020.

Water saving measures and the introduction of recycling and harvesting systems reduces the water use of a property substantially.

Owl Energy Monitor

Blue Sky Building Solutions provide expert surveys for individual systems or whole buildings to ensure that any system is appropriate for a property and, if so, correctly specified and sited.

If required, as qualified installers, Blue Sky Building Solutions will see any project through from the initial enquiry, survey, design and installation to commissioning.

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