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Blue Sky Building Solutions: for people who want a more energy efficient property but don’t know where to start

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Blue Sky Builds - What a refreshing change!!

We came across Blue Sky Builds as we needed to replace our gas central heating boiler, but thought it worth looking into a greener alternative such as ground or air source heating. We'd already had a quote from ICE Energy (big company, photos of David Cameron visiting their factory on their website etc), but were a bit concerned that they were happy to sell us a 'box' based simply on some rough dimensions we'd given them of our property. It seemed prudent therefore to get a second opinion, and hence Blue Sky Builds, who were also more local. We're delighted that we did!

We therefore arranged a time for Rob to come round and do some sizing-up. This took some time, as it involved taking accurate measurements of the property, window area and double glazing efficiency, existing radiators, thickness of wall and loft insulation - even down to the apparently little things like draft excluders and how well the loft door was sealed!

The resulting report that Rob produced for the Energy Efficiency Rating of our house did make rather depressing reading, but it did highlight the fact that there was no way one heat pump was going to do the job, and that two would therefore be required! This wasn't really the answer we wanted, as we did want to do our bit to save the planet, but the cost was simply too high.

The bottom line for me is that Blue Sky Builds could have chosen to sell us a single heat pump which would have not heated our home effectively, but were honest enough to say that a (financially unviable) option of two pumps was needed, in spite of them losing several thousand pounds worth of business as a result!

PS The "happy ending" is that we asked them to install a new gas bolier for us, which was done in a very professional manner, and to a high standard. And assuming we can get our plans for Solar Panels past the Planning Authority, they'll be doing that for us too!

Mr Locke, Ivinghoe

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